The most universal lending protocol

Fund Crypto backed loans today


Don’t be just a drop in a pool. Enjoy maximum capital efficiency and absolute flexibility with your lending/borrowing strategies.

Anything as collateral

NFT*, ERC-20, vault tokens, LP positions, or a bundle of all the above: use anything and everything as collateral.

No price-based liquidations

Unlike pool-based lending protocols, PWN doesn’t rely on oracles. The only way to get liquidated is to miss the loan repayment deadline.

Flexible terms & predictable APR

Choose the lending parameters that fit you and your strategy: collateral, borrowed asset, loan duration, LTV, and interest rate. Once set, these terms are locked in until repayment.

Why use Pwn?

  • Enhanced Composability

    Leverage yourself against any asset in your portfolio, and maximize your yield and exposure.

  • Predictability
  • Flexibility
  • Optimized Collateral Management
  • Multi-chain Options
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Our latest blog posts

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Pendle x PWN

There’s nothing more fleeting than DeFi yields. And let’s not talk about borrowing rates. But that’s about to change.

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Superform x PWN!

Your yield positions, supercharged. With the new Superform integration, users can now leverage their SuperPositions as collateral on PWN while collecting yield on their vault deposits.

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